Japanese tourist most economical way

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Choose small restaurant, with bold locality in the alleys to dine and stay away from crowded tourist spots are tips to help you can freely explore without worrying Japan "penniless"

Choose small restaurant, with bold locality in the alleys to dine and stay away from crowded tourist spots are tips to help you can freely explore without worrying Japan "penniless".

Japanese tourist most economical way

Which is considered one of the countries with the most expensive cost of living in the world, a self-travel week in Japan can "consume" a thousand dollars off your budget. However, if people travel professional, you will understand the basic rules to get the cheapest rates for all types of services in the land of the rising sun. Here are suggestions to help you can explore Japan throughout the month at a reasonable cost.

Autumn is one of the beautiful time to travel to Japan.

Find flights to Japan cheap can be difficult, but it is feasible. Typically, a return ticket oscillations 700-800 USD, depending on the airline and the place of origin.

To ensure the best results, you should start hunting ticket before departure about 6-8 weeks. Appropriate time is autumn-winter (October to February) or spring (March 3-4), when the cherry blossoms bloom. However, this is also the peak period for tourism so the price will be expensive, always crowded services.

Find accommodation

In Japan, you have several options with different forms such as hostel (hostel affordable) apartments to rent (via Airbnb) or CouchSurfing (free lodging worldwide). Hostel rooms typically cost US $ 25-40 per night.

Many hostel has a very pleasant atmosphere, even equipped with all the community activities such as sushi guide or teach calligraphy. To cheaper and more new experience, you may want to consider overnight at the manga cafe. As for CouchSurfing (search the internet), whether in free, you should still prepare gifts for the home or pay for meals.


Helpful advice is that you should take a train, tram, bus line originating at funeral instead of calling a taxi. This public facilities are clean, safe and perfectly efficient. Important note that trains do not run 24 hours. All services will be shut down no later than 23h30 and reopen at 5 am the next day. In addition to the above means, walking or cycling is also a good idea.

Metro services in Japan is relatively expensive, about 2-3 dollars a trip. If you have to go at least 5 flights, you should buy ticket packages by date (day pass). When moving to other regions, Japan also has super-speed trains. Of course you can go super-speed train without purchasing a day pass, mainly depends on the route and destination. One-way fares range from 50 USD to above $ 300. Also buy day passes to use for 7 days, you only have to pay 300 USD. If the budget is too tight, the bus is the best option.

Japanese tourist most economical way

Walk around and talk to the natives as effective alternatives to save money when traveling in the land of cherry blossoms. Photo: Theworldisnotflat.com


This can be considered as one of the most costly expenses but easy to control when in the land of cherry blossoms. You should be careful because the vegetables here are relatively expensive. If districts are crowded like Asakusa (Tokyo) and Shinsaibashi (Osaka), useful advice is to stay away from the main street or shopping.

The small restaurant in the alley is heaven for you. It offers a variety of delicious food, local dark quiet again, the price is very affordable. For example, a bowl of noodles on the main street in Asakusa district can cost 800-900 yen (equivalent to $ 7.5 or close to 160,000 dong) but just walk 10 minutes to the Kuramae station, the price had dropped to 200 300 yen.

Scores are largely limited menu at the restaurant is only in Japanese. Chances are you will have to guess the item and select view image. In this way, the average per meal, you only costs about 700 yen (6.5 dollars).

Sight seeing

Instead of a foothold in popular tourist spots, you can walk, up the mountain, talking to anyone who met on the road, taking pictures. Japan has many temples but you do not necessarily have to spend a ton of money to visit each place. Many visitors to share the fact that "in the end you also found out they are distant beauty together".

Use CouchSurfing network to find local friends is also a good idea. There are many ways to help you save the world immersed in the Japanese people, such participation picnics with them or look at kids exercising in the park.


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